If we determine that you need new hardware for your computer, you can either buy it through our current hardware supplier, 3B Tech, or from where ever you would like.

We do not however take any responsibility for hardware purchased outside our organization, and therefore any damages received by hardware from other sources, or older hardware is not our responsibility.

We can't guarantee for instance that a CD drive will not a) stop functioning, b) end it's life cycle in such a way as to cause damage by short circuit or c) cause some other unknown, unforeseeable problem... Especially in the case of used or refurbished equipment.

3B Tech has been our provider for over 10 years. They have always been very reliable, and there hardware is of decent quality. We have had no problems with them, we do however suggest not buying a Chiefmax power supply, which 3Btech does offer.

3BTech also offers drop shipments, and like us works with institutions and schools. We are very happy to call 3BTech our hardware distributor.

In looking for a computer at a certain price for a customer, I found quite by accident that Walmart.com (not the store, just the website) has amazing deals on new, used, off lease and refurbished computers.

We suggest you check them out for excellent buys!

We buy our memory from 1stchoicememory.com. Great prices,  great service, and decent shipping times make them our memory outlet.

Biz Card Info

Biz Card Info