Ubuntu is a secure, intuitive operating system that powers desktops, servers, netbooks, laptops, tablets and cellphones. Ubuntu is, and always will be, absolutely free.

Ubuntu can easily replace Windows as your operating system, doing nearly 99% of what windows can do, barring a few video games.

Ubuntu can also run about 97% of the world's hardware, which means usually Ubuntu works straight out of the box.

We have many Ubuntu customers, and over 13 years installing, maintaining and researching Linux distributions. We have experience in troubleshooting this operating system, and we are proud to offer Ubuntu support!

Why Ubuntu?

Ubuntu offers many things, besides what is stated above. Ubuntu has a very large community of programmers, bug fixers, live support and other personnel either working for Canonical (the company that makes Ubuntu) or volunteers. This gives a lot of free support, free bug fixes, free software, free music, free art, and on and on.

The other reason why we strive to use Ubuntu, or Linux in general, is that whether you realize it or not, Microsoft Windows costs you between 80 to 120 dollars. You might not realize this, because the price is included in a new computer purchase, with or without your knowledge.

Windows has several other drawbacks as well. One, the support is exceptionally bad in our opinion, and never free support with an actual human. Optional packages offered by the Microsoft company are seldom free.

Microsoft Office is offered to Windows users for 120 dollars! Ubuntu offers Libre Office, which does virtually everything Microsoft Office does, for free!

Libre Office is a totally free, 99% Microsoft Office compatible office suite, which is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, BSD, Solaris and MacOs.

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